Monday, December 14, 2009

You Can Now Cook in Pet Society

Seems like cooking is a big draw for Facebook gamers. We have Restaurant City, Cafe World, and now even the Pet Society has a cooking function. Pet Society now provides each pet with a toaster / microwave oven device that allows the pet to cook!

Cooking seems pretty simple, much like other functions (planting, stickers...etc), and the instructions are provided when you click on the microwave device.

Initially the number of recipes is limited, and the pet will have to cook more in order to level up and get new options. There is not much profit to be made from cooking though, since each dish will only provide a few coins more. The dish that takes one day to cook, i.e. King Burger, will give about 40 coins profit.

There is no need to 'buy' ingredients, because the ingredients will be provided automatically when you purchase the dish. The dishes take about 10 minutes to 1 day to cook. Once there is something cooking, there will be an alert to inform you about the time remaining.

Just click when the dish is done, and the dish will go straight into the storage. There are quite a number of dishes to learn but the pet has to level up the cooking skill before the recipes are available. Recipes include Snowman Sundae, Gingerbread house, Choc Fudge cake...etc.

You will get the congratulations note about the cooked dish, and yes you will also get the congratulations note when you level up the cooking skill for the pet. Well, give it a try and see if there is any other cooking functions for higher levels.

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