Sunday, October 4, 2009

Planting Seeds in Restaurant City - and get new ingredients!

Restaurant City has offered the 'Plant a seed' option for quite some time. The 9 plots of land located at the upper right corner of the restaurant are available for seeds planting when the player reaches various level. For example, the last 3 plot of land at the bottom right of the farm, where the plots look filled with stones and weed, are unlocked when I reach level 28, 30, and 32.

Why would any player want to plant a seed for 2,000 coins? Well, when ever seeds are planted, 48 hours later the player would get a new ingredient! This saves a lot of time and effort to hunt and exchange ingredients with friends. More importantly it allows for players to get more ingredients. So that simply means that if a player has all 9 plots available, he would get 9 more ingredients every 2 days, or 4.5 ingredients more per day. Attractive isn't it?

There is a trick though, and that is the players need to constantly water the plots of land. Each time a player click on the plot of land, 3 hours worth of water is added. A total of 9 hours of stored water is the upper limit. If the plot of land runs dry, the plant will not grow. :) Mouse over the land to get the info about the time left to harvest the plants.

When time is up, the plant will appear shiny, and a player can click on it to harvest the plant. As the plant grows, the icon changes a little. Below is a picture of the saffron ingredient. The icon in the little black box (to the right) shows the growing plant.

There are many ingredients that a player can obtained from plants. Well I guess it is only natural that meat products can't be obtained this way, but I've found the following list of plant ingredients: coffee, tea, saffron, sugar, garlic, oregano, basil, vanila, bay leaf, coriander, and wasabi so far. I've heard of people with the ginger plant, but I've not managed to grow one so far since the plant grew is random.

picture of garlic plant above

picture of sugar cane (i.e. sugar ingredient) above

picture of vanila plant above

I wonder if Restaurant City will offer a animal farming option soon? Now the meat ingredients are much harder to obtain...

Afternote: Restaurant City had just added an instruction (pic below) to teach players how to plant seeds.