Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tiny Tower - New Elevator, Costumes & Shop Upgrades

Tiny Tower update 1.3 is out! This update has more exciting features that impact the game play. A more obvious introduction is the new lift upgrade - Infini-Lift Lightspeed, that runs at 42ppm. Well, this Infini-Lift comes at a great cost - 499 Bux. Even though it is a chore down to send visiting Bitizens to the highest floor via lift, I don't think I'll be upgrading my lift anytime soon.

The next exciting feature is the introduction of new costumes. Yes, players can know clearly differentiate the Bitizens from each other by giving them very unique costumes. The Costumes option can be activated after the player selects 'Dress up' for the particular Bitizen. Imagine Bitizens dressing up in Doctor, Nurse and Surgeon costumes in a Doctors Office (Service) shop, or as Groom and Bride in Wedding Chapel, that would be fun. Even if costumes is now your thing (maybe because the Bux involved is not worth it), Tiny Tower now allows easier change of appearance (at the Dress Up option again) for each Bitizen, at no cost to gold.

Another feature that affects the gameplay is the shop upgrade. That's right, shops can now be upgraded (Bux will be charged of course - 3 Bux) to hold more stocks. Thus players who wish to balance out their shops re-stocking time can now do so.

Other features that were released with Tiny Tower 1.3 update are:
- Customising Bitizens via web tools (not sure how useful that is)
- Real Estate VIP now fills entire floor (instead of just 1 Bitizen, which is kind of lame previously)
- Dream jobs rewards 2 Bux now (I prefer the original 3 Bux but it is an improvement over current 1 Bux)...

Well, I am still looking forward to future Tiny Tower updates that allow for more players interactivity with each other's Tiny Towers. Playing Tiny Tower is fun, but playing it together with friends will be more fun. P.S. oh, with this new update, many players had complained that they experienced a drop in the coins earned per minute. I had the same experience too, with about 25% - 33% drop in coins earned per minute.

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Mikaela' said...

You also get to rename stores and apartments. ^.^

Shadowcraze said...

:) re-naming stores and apartments is useful, isn't it?