Thursday, December 3, 2009

It is snowing in Restaurant City!

It is snowing in Restaurant City! Now that it is December, everyone is in X'mas mood, and Playfish has introduced four festive related dishes (one for each category) into the game.

New dishes is an old concept, but I was pleasantly surprise at the snow covered trees. Yes they also added an outdoor option for more diners. Based on the letter from Playfish, there is supposedly a Food King, but I am not sure how to identify him. There were forum posting that the Food King is a purple character who is likely to be dining at the outdoor space.

You will need the Food King in order to get some of the materials needed for the festive seasons, e.g. raisins. Guess I will need to build an outdoor dining area (5,000 coins) in order to get these special ingredients then.

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