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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Travian Guide Part 2

Not much to add since different travian players have different style of play, which is also dependent on which race you choose. There are two more points for reference, one on the Gaul traps, and the other for End Game.

1) Gauls Traps

Travian Gauls are the only race who can build traps. Plus the point that they have double cranny size, they are a good defence race to have. To attack a Gaul village, try to have more than 200 troops. This is because a fully extended trapper can have only 200 traps at maximum. Try to use attack as well instead of raids, since attack may free up the trapped troops.

No worries if your troops are trapped, they are still alive. The player cannot kill them and the trapped troops consume your crops. So it may be good to have a chat with the person to release them, or simply wait till the player's village get attacked and the troops are freed. The players can release the imprisoned troops by clicking on the rally point and select "Release".

2) End game

Towards the end of the game (some said it happens about 1 year or less from the start of the server), there will be news about End Game. Many Natars villages will sprint up, at quite predictable locations, e.g. -125, -125 or 0, -1. Once the natars villages are captured, the owner can change the name of the village. During End Game session, there will also be a 'WW' (World Wonder) tab under the "Statistics" button where you could see who are the natars village owners, and the level of WW that they have built.

Since there about about only 13 Natars villages, only 13 players can compete in building the World Wonder. There will be plenty of competition among alliances and players to capture and hold each village. Once all natars villages are conquered, the old Natars Ruin at the 400, 400 will start sending troops to attack these original natars villages. Some said attacks will come in waves when WW reaches certain fixed level, e.g. every 5th level, others said it's per level of WW built from level 90th onwards. This I'm not completely sure. What is sure is that the owners of these natars villages will need plenty of crops to feed their troops. This is how their alliances can come in, other than providing high level defensive troops.

It is also worthwhile to look at the marketplace. If there is large shift in demand where certain players stop asking for crops. It could be a sign that they lost their troops in the WW defence or from other enemies. This could be time to farm or destroy them.

Travian tools:
Other than the inactive player trackers, there are two more useful tools for travian players. Here's battle reporter

Here's a Travian map function to view player / alliance details.

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Travian Guide in the Beginning - Protect Resources and Build Up Defences

After playing Travian for some time, here's some tips that I've gathered from other players and various online forums.

Resource Building
In the beginning, build the resource fields and crannies (more on crannies below). Continue the process until the villages reach levels where you need more resources than your storage allows, then it's time to upgrade the warehouse and granary.

It makes more sense to upgrade the resource fields in sequence, i.e. no point building a level 6 fields when you can upgrade other level 4 to level 5 fields. Some feel that for crops, you can make an exception and build one field to level 5 as soon as possible in order to get the Grain Mill. Depends on players I guess.

Build Crannies

There will be other players who want to farm you. If they can get resources from the farming, they will be back for more. So build crannies and once they can't get any resources from you, they will just find another farm. Of course there are crazy players who come back with catapults to destroy your buildings when they can't get any resources, but these players are few. Do note though that Teutons can capture about 1/3 of the hidden resources in crannies. So it is better that you use up all the resources in your villages and don't build your warehouse to a extremely high level before your defences are up. No point having your resources stored in the warehouse, unused and only to be stolen right?

Add to the population

One way that other players used to detect farms is the population size. If the size remains constant, there is a likelihood that the villages are inactive and thus good targets to farm. Good targets because it is likely that once the initial troops are wiped out, the inactive village wouldn't build more troops. There are software to track inactivity, where players can see scan any inactive players with distances indicated.

Protect your army
Troops are needed to bring the resources raided from your villages. So if you can kill the enemy troops, you reduce the losses in your resources. If the attacker loses sufficient troops, your villages look less attractvie to him as farms. For defence, try to build up your wall till as high as possible. Different races require more of particular types of resources for their walls. E.g. Gauls need more lumber while Romans need more iron.

A high wall level will give your troops a higher defence bonus, such that small amounts of enemy troops will be killed even when there is only a wall with no troops in your villages.

After the wall, build traps if you are a Gaul. Else start building your defensive troops. Click through the 'Instructions' on the left of the screen to scroll through your troop types and know which are the defence type troops. E.g. for Romans the praetorians are the best defending troops against infantry and the legionnaires against cavalry.

After you have sufficient troops (some say the figure should be near hundreds), you should start to build an armoury and upgrade the armour. High armour give the troops a greater defensive bonus.

Diplomacy & Others

When you are ready, get an embassy so that you can join an alliance. Also, get the rally point build up. It's in the centre of the village. Next is to get a scout. You will need the academy to research such scouts. Scouts are useful to detect scouting from others, and of course, for you to scout others.

Well, this is a war game and so you will be attacked at some point in time. Try the following when you are being attacked. Some pictures of the attack messages (and others) are shown in an earlier post on the Review of Travian.

Safeguard the resources
Resources are what help you to re-build after an attack. The paragraphs above should have sufficient tips for safeguarding the resources.

Contact the attacker
There are times when soft diplomacy works. Write a message to the attacker and ask him to look for other farms. Heh. Sometimes, point him to the inactive player tracker software and he might just leave you alone. Else you can also ask your own alliance leader for diplomatic assistance if you have an alliance.

Defence Strategy After the First Attack
Your troops are greatly weaken after the first attack, or they could simply have been wiped. While you are starting to build the troops, the attacker send more waves of attacks. Don't leave your weakened troops or those small clusters to die! Send them to a nearby village, could be yours or another friendly player. Simply 'reinforce' that village and build up your troops to a sizable amount again before sending them back. Just note the crops consumption in that temporary village and make sure there is food for the troops. If that temporary village belongs to another player, send some crops along as tokens of appreciation.

Ask for Help
There are times when we all need help, that's what friends (and alliances) are for. Contact your alliance leader and ask politely if anyone has troops for assistance. Most ideal if you could post some previous history of the battles for others to gauge the strength of attacks.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Simple Review of the browser game - Travian

First started playing the browser game Travian in early May 2007. It is an addictive game. Chose to play this game thinking that it will not consume more than 10 minutes of my time daily but guess I'm so totally wrong.

Travian is a war game centering around villages that you (and your enemies) built. You have three choices of the type of villages, romans, teutons, and gauls. Each choice gives different characteristics for your army. Gauls is generally more defensive focus, teutons being more aggressive, and romans somewhat in-between. There are other nuances of course.

It is a very simple game to play, which explains why there are so many players. Here's Travian's 60seconds tutorial. An excellent tutorial; model reference for other games. China servers have 130k players, while america servers have 135k players. Other servers in Europe, Africa, and Middle East have varying number of players. I've two other simple Travian guides for would-be Travian players on 1 ) Protecting resources and building up defense and traps / end game here.

All players try to build villages like this:

on a map that looks like this:

There are 4 types of resources to focus on, lumber, clay, iron, and crops. You would also try to raid other players' resources, and / or capture an oasis which contribute to your resource pool. Players have to build 'cranny' that hide resources from other players' raids. The game proceeds in real time and so every 12ms there will be resources added to your pool. You could also trade resources with your other fellow players via a simple marketplace mechanism.

While building the your village buildings, players would also recruit army units, and also train up a 'hero' that adds bonus to defense and attack values of your armies. There are also options in the village buildings to enhance armour or attack weapons for similar purposes. Villages have city wall options to add defence values to the armies.

After an attack, a report would be generated, and here's a sample:

There is an end goal to the game, i.e. it is unlike a persistent online world concept like World of Warcraft or Second Life. When end game approaches, players will be informed via a notice like this:

Basically players have to rush to build 'World Wonders' and 1st player who build a World Wonder to level 100 wins. Players have to first conquer the Natar villages to get the building construction plans. There are quite a number of natars around but they have powerful armies:

Players form alliances partly for this purpose. There will be meta-alliances (groups of alliance) formed since no particular one player could achieve this feat on his own. There is a good in-game messaging mechnism, and players have used other free online forums to communicate. Various third party tools have been developed to help players, including this site that track inactive (and thus easy targets) villages.

Would I play Travian again, I guess not. Having to track my village development and watch out for attacks while managing resources on such a tight timeframe will definitely affect my work. Guess I'll stick to playing World of Warcraft, Century Voyager and such games for the time being.

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Afternote: Lolz I'm still playing Travian as of July 2008.