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FB Castle Age - Simple Review & Guide Part 1

Simple Introduction & First Steps

Castle Age on Facebook is like a cross between Mafia Wars and Tiny Adventures D&D; it has a medieval setting and uses the same game mechanics as Mafia Wars, i.e. stats, energy, stamina etc. Similar to Tiny Adventure, the player needs to hire heroes who lead armies assembled by the players to complete quests and fight other players / monsters.

In my opinion Castle Age is more interesting than either Mafia Wars or Tiny Adventures because it offers better graphics and better named items compared to Mafia Wars, and more depth of play compared to Tiny Adventures.

As per any MMO RPG based games, the first few steps will be pretty standard.

After you start the game, try to complete as many quests as you can. At low levels, completing quests can get you up to level 5-6 easily within 10-15 minutes. Devout more stat points for Energy since that allows the player to do more quests, i.e. level faster.

One small tip is that at the early stage of the game, go to the Demi-Powers tab, and click Ambrosia to get the Sword of Lights. This should be amongst the 1st items to get in the game because it gives the player a good headstart and it is free.

Since it is likely you join Castle Age because of an invitation by friends, do try to partner them in their fights against the monsters. Just a couple of clicks that consumed your stamina, but eventually when the monster is killed, the rewards can be huge for a beginning player. I fought a Sea Serpent the first night I joined Castle Age.

Before you logged off, get some land to generate gold, and keep the rest of gold safely away from other Players, in the Treasury under ‘Keep’ tab (yes, just pay the 10% ‘service charge’).

Castle Age – Heroes, Quests, & Battles

Heroes play a critical role in the game, since they commend armies to complete quests, battles against other players, and form perquisite to increase the ‘influence’ for many quests. Each hero has their own attributes, i.e. more attack power / defence power, or a balance of both. The list of heroes can be accessed via the Heroes tab, but the more powerful ones can only be obtained via use of favour points.

When the player reaches level 10, there will be opportunity to also level up the Heroes for better Hero stats. One point to note is that the rewards from the Land of Fire Boss quest (1st starting area) include a powerful hero – Celeste. Celeste has 12 attack and 12 defence, and will be the main power Hero for many levels.

Quests - Quests are the main bulk of the activity other than battling other players or monsters. Completion of the quests is needed before new areas are unlocked. For example, the player needs to complete pre-requisite quests with 100% influence in the Land of Fire, before new lands are available. When x number of quests are completed in each Land, the boss quest option becomes available, e.g. Orc King.

Quests consume energy to complete. Higher level quests will consume more energy, and thus it is important to add stat points to Energy attribute. The plus side is that quests are give more gold and experience at a higher level in those unlocked Lands.

Quests also require certain number of troops before the player can engage in these specific quests, i.e. 5 units of paladin / Tree Ents before the player can complete the quest. It is also important to check your current Hero, in order to match the quest requirement. Using the wrong Hero for the quest means there is no increase in Influence (the standard coins and experience will still be given).

Battles - Castle Age's Battle tab has two options for player to fight against other players – Invade or Duel.

Invade means there will be a battle among the two armies. Choose this option only if you have a lot of friends playing Castle Age. The maximum number of army players you can involve is 501. It is simply a test between numbers. Of course, each army member can also use the player’s items to boost the attacking / defending power. Nonetheless, superior number will still win. Big army size also means that more of the player’s Heroes can be involved, thus boosting the chance of winning. I think the ratio is 5 army members to 1 Hero.

The other option, Duel, is a fight between the best of each other’s Heroes. Use this option once you have Celeste unlocked from the Land of Fire since she has better stats. The fighting Heroes will be equipped with the best equipment available.

Each time you battle another player, a stamina point will be deducted. Thus for players who enjoyed PvP, raise the Stamina stats. A bonus of battling is that battle points are earned when the player wins a battle. More points are awarded if the player fights against someone of higher rank. When certain ranks are achieved, rewards (e.g. stat points) are given. Each battle also gives points linked to the Demi-powers.

Monsters - Monsters are the fun part of the game when the players can co-operate with each other to fight monsters. A player can start a summoning of monster once certain requirements are met, e.g. the Orc King and Sorceress Queen become available once the majority of quests are completed in the respective Lands. The other monsters (e.g. the sea serpent and dragon) can be summoned once the player performs alchemy with all the necessary alchemy items.

The monsters don’t last forever, and have to be killed within a set timeframe. Beyond the time frame, the monster fight stops. Participate in all the monster fights started by your friends, since each monster kill can give pretty decent rewards. I got good rewards in one such monster fight when I first started the game, and the items were useful for the many subsequent levels.

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