Sunday, November 20, 2011

Triple Town - What Next After Floating Castle?

After numerous games of Triple Town, I finally managed to get a floating castle (formed from three castles). Of course, my high score of 377 185 is nothing compared to other seasoned players. Some forum postings indicated that this is the 'ultimate' object in the Triple Town, i.e. no more objects to be formed from combining floating castles.

However, when I moused over the floating castle, there is some hint that by combining 4 (not three) floating castles, a player can get something more! Is there anyone out there who have combined four floating castles and see this new 'ultimate' object in Triple Town? If anyone has done that, or know of this new object, can send me a link to the pic? Thanks!

Afternote: Just read on the Triple Town Tribune page that the 'ultimate' object is named 'Triple Casle', worth 1,500 coins. Wow!

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