Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Castle Age: Battle of the Dark Legion

Every now and then there will be new collaborative events for Castle Age players. After the Sea Serpent, there is this Battle of the Dark Legion where orcs threatened to overrun the castles.

Players will be invited to participate in this event, where a maximum of 130 players could engage the orcs at the same time. There is a limit place at different groups of players' levels, e.g. maximum of 30 players for levels 1-30, 30-60, 60-90, and maximum of 40 players for levels 90+. That is fair since it encourages more players to come on board. When more players come on board, new allies, e.g. paladins, archers ... will join in the battle.

The storyline is also interesting, and I think that is a big plus point for Castle Age, i.e. there is at least some effort to write out a story plot. So at the end of the battle there is this long narration of the event.

The rewards for this event is not bad, and it seems more worthwhile to spend the stamina for such events rather than the PvP battles. I wonder what next after this invasion of the orcs. From the way the storyline ended, the main character was wondering where did the Horde of Orcs come from. So I guess there will be more of such interesting events in the coming months.

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