Monday, February 8, 2010

'Specials' of Castle Age - Generals and Items

Players of Castle Age will know that the favour points can be used to buy 'special' general and items that are somewhat powerful. Every month or so there will be new 'specials'. It costs 30 favour points to buy a general and 25 points for the related items.

I'm not sure how the new specials work because I am sure there are a lot more specials for different players, i.e. different specials are available to different players?

Here's three sets in Castle Age that I've found so far:
December: Lyra (16 attk 13 def) and her related items.

January: Dexter (13 attk and 16 def) and related items. Descriptions about him are subsequently linked to the orge Gorlak because supposedly Dexter took the powerful axe from Gorlak.

Current: Gorlak (15 attk and 15 def) and his related items. Gorlak's cudgel is made because Gorlak lost his axe to Dexter.

Wonder what other creative generals and items can the developers think of.