Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Weekend before Hell - Diablo III release

The waiting is finally coming to an end. The fans of Diablo have waited for a good 12 years for this latest Diablo release, and yes we will all get the game on 15th May 2012. I must say I can't wait to try out the classes and the features of the new game (more info can be found on their site), e.g. the artisans with a 'levelling' option. Five classes to try and I'm not so sure which suites my style; guess I'll know in a few days.

Diablo III Pre-order cards

Despite the huge anticipation for the Diablo III, I must say I am somewhat disappointed with how AsiaSoft handles the entire pre-order / redemption. Seems like I need to spend many hours waiting at Funan (place for box set collection) before I can get the game. There isn't interesting freebies either, just a poster (from the lucky draw) and maybe something more (as rare loot). I can only hope that AsiaSoft has planned out the entire logistical flow, such that there is less chaos that day.

Well, if Hell is breaking loose after a long 12 years wait, chaos is to be expected when Diablo III is released. :)

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