Wednesday, July 6, 2011

iPhone Tiny Tower - Shops & Stocks

Tiny Tower is a big hit on the iPhone apps store, and I am sure many gamers out there have already read reviews or even try the game out. Well, an addictive game is what one would expect from NimbleBit, who developed the Pocket Frogs.

For those gamers who are playing Tiny Tower, I've compiled a list of the shops (non exhaustive), and more importantly, the snapshots of the stocks in the shops. By now, those who are playing the game would know the importance of the stocks (stocking time and quantity) on coins and level  / VIP management. Using a Big Spender VIP on shops with a large quantity of stocks will help to earn coins much faster. .

Food - Asian Cuisine, Coffee House, Scoops, Sub Shop, Sushi Bar

Service - Barber Shop, Day Spa, Fortune Teller, Health Club, Laundromat,

Recreation - Arcade, Bowling Alley, Comedy Club, Night Club, Planetarium, Racquetball

Retail - Bike Shop, Furniture Store, Game Store, Hat Shop, Shoe Store, Toy Store

Creative - Graphic Design, Photo Studio, Soda Brewery

I'm not sure how many different stores there are in Tiny Tower, but gauging from the unsatisfied dream jobs of the Bitizens, I'm quite sure there are many other shops. Well, when I have more levels in Tiny Tower with more shops, perhaps I can update this blog post again.

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Wasa said...

There you can find the whole store list.

Shadowcraze said...

Thanks for the link! :)