Sunday, August 24, 2008

Xtrapva.dll Trojan in the Cabal Online folders

I was doing my usual virus scan when the Symantec Antivirus detected a Xtrapva.dll trojan horse. After a simple search on Google, I found out that the trojan horse has been around since June 2007. The trojan has infected a number of files, including one used by Xtrap. Xtrap is used by many online games (e.g. Cabal Online & knights Online) to scan and prevent third party 'unauthorised' software from running, e.g. bots.

Thus it is ironic that such 'prevention' software got infected with a trojan horse. For my case it's Cabal Online's gaming update such that Xtrap got installed.

There are plenty of solutions and discussions about it. Doing a simple virus scan should be able to cure this trojan horse infection. :) Guess it is time for those online gamers out there to do more scheduled virus scan!


Anonymous said...

Thanks alot!

darkman664 said...

Cool thanks man. I wanted to play this game again and my anti-virus detected the trojan..i guess fixing it won't be a prob..thanks.. and oh yeah lol I have the same shoutbox as you lol.

Shadowcraze said...

:) you are welcome.

Unknown said...

OMG, man, those updates are form xtrap itself. you shouldve done a little research about that. when you update xtrap it download xtrapva.dll and xtrapva1.dll, its a false positive.