Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Diablo III - Auction House Is No More (18th March 2014)

Auction house is no more (finally!) for Diablo III. There were many comments on why the  auction house system spoils the game of Diablo III, and yes it is now goodbye to this AH. Quite frankly I have never thought the Real Money Trade of Auction House will work for players. Even the use of gold for Auction House (with no proper gold sink mechanism in the game) is ridiculous when sellers demanded sky high prices.

I guess many players are trying to log in to Diablo III tonight, fearing that their items in the 'Completed Tab' would be lost. So this is one of the rare occasions in recent days to see this pop up when I tried to access Diablo III. Not too bad - at least I know there are still interested players for the game.

Battlenet Busy
Blizzard understands the anxiety, and naturally the players will have more time to claim the items (up till 24th June actually). The message of claiming the items in the Completed Tab by 24th June is also displayed at the bottom in red when players click the Auction House icon.

Diablo III Auction House 18 March
I wouldn't miss the auction house, and I appreciate the new loot system (what Blizzard term as Loot 2.0) such that players get more loot. After the recent patch, this is the 1st time in my many hours of playing Diablo III to get a Set Item. I've also 'looted' a number of other Legendary items, and I must say that sort of encourage me to play again.

Blackthorne Duncraig Cross

Oh well, let's see if the new expansion of Reaper of Souls will be interesting enough to re-capture all the hype of Diablo III. Crusader class - yeah! Additional Act - yeah! :)

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