Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fish Island SEA by NHN Part 2

Here's Part 2 of Fish Island. In Part 1, the game play and general view were covered, and let's move on to the other game play elements, namely gold / 'dollar' and equipment.

Earning gold coins in Fish Island is important, because the essentials like fish line and baits must be bought with gold coins and 'dollars'. While the Fish Island game started off by giving players the basic bait and basic fishing line, these cannot be used for the higher level fishes, i.e. the fishes players caught will need better baits. The fishes are also harder to catch, i.e. higher chance of losing 'hearts' and thus the better fishing lines will be needed.

Fish Island Rod & Float
Other than the baits & lines, the other essential equipment are the rods & floats. Rods and floats might be obtained thru random 'box' & 'bags' that can be caught while fishing. Of course, players can also buy them in the shop. That again requires gold coins and 'dollars'. 

One way to earn coins is thru aquariums. Once the players transfer the fishes caught (in the keepnet) to the aquariums, the fishes will starts to earn coins for the players. Another way to earn coins (and sometimes 'dollars') is by visiting your fellow players under the Friends tab. Each visit will earn a player 500 coins (or sometimes 1 'dollar') each day. Players can easily add other players under the recommended list, or search for your real friends via their names / player codes.

Fish Island Friends List
Of course, friends can also give other friends gifts (limited number each day). These gifts include 'coupons' that can be used in Lucky Draws, i.e. gacha like games, and random drops could be obtained this way. Without coupons, the coins would be used instead. See the importance of coins?

Fish Island Lucky Draw
After a while, fishing can be boring. So NHN included tournaments and events into Fish Island, where rewards will be given for X number / largest / quantity of particular fish caught. The tournament cost a nominal sum to enter, and the events are free. The events are announced when players first start the game.

Other features that made the game interesting include the 'Premium Fishing Spots', e.g. Australia, Vietname, where rarer fishes can be caught. Entrance into these premium spots cost something, and there are time limits for the entry. Thus before the players go to such spots, it is better to plan ahead in order to maximise the returns, e.g. get better fishing lines and better baits.

Fish Island Vietnam
That sot of cover a large part of the game. there are of course many other features, including the Fishypedia, Achievements, Rankings etc. Feel free to explore them!

One last note - do you know that by tapping the game character twice at the fishing scene (i.e. before you hit the bottom right button), the character will turn around and do a simple dance? Heh try it!

Overall Fish Island is an interesting game, and the features (including events and such) extended the game play significantly. The only drawback is the slow leveling and that means a lot of grinding is needed for Fish Island. 

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