Sunday, April 12, 2009

Games and their impact on books

It is interesting how the games industry has spun off many little and sometimes big developments in other industries, e.g. movies and books, and vice versa. A walk in the bookstore nowadays and one is bound to notice rows of fictions that are linked to games.

This is not a new phenomenon, as we are all too familiar with the story of AD&D board games in the 1970s, that spun off many fiction books on the Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance that lasted the next many decades. There are also playing / trading card games with such developments into books, e.g. Magic The Gathering.

Sometimes I do wonder if games developer earns more from these associated sales compared to the actual games? I know that can happen in the movie industry, where the spin offs from a particular movie into books, games, toys, DVDs, may earn more compared to the actual cinema tickets.

So next time when I play a game, I should be prepared to also see the game story line and characters being featured in books and perhaps movies. :)

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