Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Arts, marriages, and online games in the New Media

It seems that recently the Singapore government has embraced New Media in a big way. Over the past few days there were articles about how 'television advertisement campaigns' about marriages would be shown in YouTube. Quoting from this article:
To further tap the power of new media and reach the younger, Internet-savvy generation, the ministry has also made the ad available on YouTube.
Other than marriages, it seems that arts and heritage will also have an official space in the New Media. According to this CNA article, the new MICA Minister said that:
He said: "We have an archive, we do not display everything in the museums. If we can put them on the net and digitise them, we can encourage people to come together, those who share like-minded interests to, for example, build their own virtual museums."
Coupled with my earlier blog post about NHB organising a competition to develop online games linking to heritage, the Internet and related media may have built up a good influence among the Singapore officials. YouTube, virtual worlds, and online games, I wonder what other Web 2.0 will they use next?

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