Wednesday, June 25, 2008

IDC - Yahoo Web 2.0 Digital Marketplace

IDC organised a free seminar today (24th June) on Web 2.0 Digital marketplace, with Yahoo! as the big sponsor. The seminar was over-subscribed substantially, such that the hotel staff needed to pull in a large number of chairs from the next seminar room. The fourth speaker actually remarked that there is a large increase in Singapore in the interest in Web 2.0 applications and services, especially for the enterprise community.

All 4 speakers were very engaging, and presented their pitch very well. I guess the 1st two speakers have vested interests to sell their products. Some of the remarks made were funny *in my opinion*. For example there was a comment of 'sponsor the access, and charge the use', which is very applicable for Web 2.0 social sites, but the image I had in my mind was actually the local clubbing scene's 'Ladies Night' where the girls get free entry *access* while the guys pay for everyone's drinks *use*. There was a lot of comments about China and India developments, and how Asia will see the next wave of social networking. The importance lies in 'making the destinations *sites* social instead of making social destinations *sites*' as one speaker put it.

Back to the seminar, the speakers cover broad topics of:
  • 'Social Web: Success, Business Models and Emerging Trends'
  • 'User Behaviour and Psychology in the Web 2.0 space'
  • Web 2.0 Hits Asia' *Interesting is the comparison about whether there is a bubble forming again in the tech sphere*
  • 'Social Media Becomes the Social Norm: Web 2.0 in the Classroom and How It Impacts Your Business'

The notes for the seminar could be downloaded from IDC website from 4 July onwards, so I think I shouldn't reveal too much. Nonetheless one of the speaker, Justin Lee, shared this YouTube video which is really funny and yet show some interesting things about Web 2.0. You should watch it!

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