Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cabal Online Screenshots

There are a number of games where I didn't play enough to do a proper review. Nonetheless there were a couple of screenshots that might be entertaining for some visitors and so over the next few blog posts I'll just put the pictures up.

The first game is Cabal Online and I played in the South East Asia servers. The game website has a host of useful information including videos as demos (which partly explains why there is not much need to write more about the gameplay). For new players, take a look at the forums where the different classes are pretty well explained.

The first picture was taken outside of the towns where players fight the monsters. I was using a long distance attack.

This screenshot was taken after the completion of a dungeon quest. The dungeon quests occured in 'instances' and often have timings as deadlines for players.

After some of the quests, and at particular levels (e.g. aura mode at level 20), the players will be able to gain special abilities.

The graphics is great, and here's a screenshot of player talking to a NPC, Kallua.

Other than the towns, there are also special rooms where the players enter to meet other NPCs. The rooms are quite well decorated.

Here's a screenshot of the town. In towns, players could open shops for trading with each other. Sometimes one could even look at other players doing funny dances, e.g. here's a blog spot about a funny Cabal group dance to the tune of Wonder Girls' "Tell Me".

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