Saturday, March 1, 2008

Community Games Website - Viwawa

Found a new community games website from some friends - Viwawa.

They have a series of different games, and by playing these games, a player could earn enough gold to buy items for their 'Wawa', i.e. avatars. They could also use the games to buy special skills that players could use in the games. Overall the games are quite fun enough. However, the lag can be quite irritating when players experience 'timeout', and I feel that the website could improve somewhat with the games play guide.

Currently there are six games in this website. Each time you start a game, a new pop-up windows will appear. Games include Mahjong, Dai Di (Big 2), chess, ...etc.

Above is what you'll see when you enter that particular game's webpage. Once you clicked play, you will send the screens below.

Above is what you see when you start the Sushi game, a game which I don't exactly understand how to play. Once the program loads, you'll have to join a table, possibly waiting for other players to form a complete table. Here's the waiting scene for the Big 2 game.

Pic below is from the mahjong game, which I played quite a fair bit.

Once a game is over, there will be a tally of gold coins.

Other than gold coins, a player could also use real cash to exchange for items in the website. Payment is quite easy, either credit cards or via mobile phone shortcodes. Thus anyone in Singapore with a mobile phone account can obtain in game currency easily. Given the nature of community games website, it is unsure how compelling it is for players to pay for in game currency. Game players may pay cash for RPG like games, but for such community websites? Maybe, if the advantages of such items warrant it.

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