Monday, March 10, 2008

Samorost by Amanita Design

Read about this excellent Flash based games Samorost 2 by Amanita Design. This game has won an award, the Winner for Best Web Browser Game, Nominee for Excellence in Visual Art at the IGF, the Independent Games Festival. Try the game, it's quite fun. A point and click game with no need for any instruction.

In the game you played a human who lost his dog to a bunch of aliens. The aliens are picking your pears for their big boss, and you embarked on an adventure to get your dog back. That's Part 1, which is free to play. To play Part 2, you'll need to pay for the game. Here's the starting planet where you live.

Here's when the aliens arrived to steal your pears.

You have to think of a way to feed the snail properly, such that it will sleep after its meal.

Here you meet the aliens again, who is filling the bottle of pears to feed his boss.

Here you meet the alien boss who is eating your pear, while making your dog works like a hamster to fan him!

Do something to trick the alien boss and your dog is saved!

However, when you are on your way back, the fuel runs out and you will crashed onto another planet. That's where part 2 of the game starts.

The company also produces the Samorost 1, as well as other games and flash animations. This is an interesting company to watch.

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