Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Singapore Poly's 2nd Media & Communications Conference 2012

The week of 13th Feb was the Social Media Week, and coincidentally Singapore Polytechnic also had their 2nd Media & Comms Conference during that week. The lecturer told me the timing was coincidental, and so I take her word for it. Their theme for the conference is 'Click to connect', quite apt for the current social media space.

A large group attended the event, with speakers from Starcom Mediavest (Lee Yew Leong), Blackberry (Gerald Ang), Nokia (Shalabh Pandey), & SPH (Geoff Tan). Among the attendees there were company reps, for example Brandtology. Well it was obvious cos' he identified his company before he asked a question. There were also journalists, since the event was reported by various media, including CIO Asia (see their report here). Yup I took various notes during the event itself (diligent right?)

Here's 2 photo shots of the speakers.

I must say that the event is pretty well organised. However the various speakers seemed to focus their comments on the students while their presentation slides were industry oriented, thus there was some disconnect while I was trying to digest the materials.There were a host of information, sand some interesting videos, e.g. the Beurs van Berlage building in Amsterdam was used in a Samsung advert for their 3D TV. Great advertising!

Oh, the event was held at SP Auditorium. I was early, and was somewhat intimidated by the large group of organisers (dressed in white T-shirts) who scrutinised everyone who walked past the place. Hmm. During the break I've had a chance to speak to the lecturers, and that was when I heard about SP's Centre for Social Media. Interesting initiative to give the students some industry exposure by partnering companies for various projects.

I enjoyed the Media & Communications Conference. Thanks SP (and the SP DMC students organisers) for the invite, and yes do drop me an invitation next year k? :) Oh, wonder if there is any way to get a copy of the slides that were presented at this conference? Hmm.

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