Tuesday, August 16, 2011

iPhone: Hospital Havoc 2 by Bitwise

If you like those 'Diner Dash' type of game where time management is a key element of gameplay, you might want to try out the newly released Hospital Havoc 2 (by Bitwise Design). In Hospital Havoc 2, the player started out as a Doctor (what else) who will need to manage multiple patients, often times with crazy tight timeline (and funny comments from the patients). The game requires a fair bit of dextrous finger movements to score more points (and also levels) - good for finger exercise!

Gameplay is standard of such games, i.e. touching the screen to activate the doctor (i.e. you the player) and the nurse for various functions (e.g. admit the patient, diagnose the illness, use equipment, entertain the patient, clean up, discharge the patient and so on). Simultaneously activating like functions will earn the player bonuses, and the same for keeping the doctor clean (use the sink often, especially when the patients only need the attention of the nurse). Touch the garbage to clear them into the bin, and touch the bin so that the nurse can clear it.

There are many different scenarios to explore, i.e. the local clinic, research centre and so on, each with different tasks to maneuver. The different 'medical facility' can only be unlocked once the player reached certain levels. 
  1. Medical School (Level 1+) is where the tutorial session starts
  2. Doctor's Office (Level 5+)
  3. Graveyard (Level 10+) - more deaths = more muffins!
  4. Local Clinic (Level 20+)
  5. Metropolitan Hospital (Level 35+)
  6. Research Center (Level 70+)
The game player can also customise the layout of the clinic (i.e. add new beds, new chairs etc), and also utilise boosters to aid the game (e.g. muti-tasking will be useful). Boosters will be a must at the higher levels.

While the tutorial is helpful, one thing they didn't mention is that game players can go to the graveyard to 'rob' the deceased of muffins. Muffin is the main currency of the game, and of course Bitwise Design welcome players to get them with real world cash. If not, graveyard and bonuses will be the main pah for obtaining muffins. Once the graveyard is 'robbed' there will be a time counter to indicate when the graveyard is reset. Set the alert so that you would know when the graveyard is reset.

The features of the Hospital Havoc (as described in iTune store) are:

  • 100+ levels and 20+ different scenarios 
  • 35+ different patient types and thus more weird comments from these patients
  • Customisation of game character
  • More doctor skills hospital customisation and quirky machines, medicines, and tools 

 What I don't like about the game is the use of large amount of text (especially at the tutorial stage). Some words in white and set against a light background makes them quite hard to read. An iPhone is definitely a small device that is not suited for reading of text of that small font size. The other drawback of the Hospital Havoc 2 is the loading time. Each new scenario or switching between World view and particular locations, will take up a long time, especially when the iPhone is not latched onto the local wi-fi. Thus playing the game while on the go can be a challenge. Nonetheless the hilarious comments and quirky game functions made Hospital Havoc 2 a good game to try. It is currently ranking among the top ten free games on the iTune store.

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Emily Lw. said...

I found the research center is somehow difficult for me to play. All the patients are out broken with "flies" on them and they easily get died. Any tips for this stage? Thanks