Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Expiring Playfish Cash - 31st July 2011

For those who have received the free Playfish cash last year, you would have receive a reminder email that the Playfish Cash is expiring by 31st July 2011. I received the email about 1 month ago, and the alert included this picture:

So if there are players who do not check the emails (or didn't give the emails to Playfish), these players might miss out the chance to use these Playfish Cash over the next few days. I wasn't very active in the various Playfish promotion and thus I only have 2 Playfish Cash. Folks who played the Hotel City and leveled up to 25 within the promotion period last year could have up to 10 Playfish Cash. I didn't have anything in particular to 'buy' and thus I just opted for a decorative item (Cup of Flames) for the Restaurant City.

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