Friday, June 4, 2010

Restaurant City is now 24 Hours!

Restaurant City is now 'open' for 24 hours! Well that simply means the 'workers' in the Restaurant City can operate in 24 hours shift rather than the original 4 hours slot. That is a very useful change, since there is now less need to keep tab on the shift every few hours.

There are actually a number of 'options' to choose from, i.e. in similar fashion with Hotel City where the longer shifts cost more. This is qutie different from the original version where workers 'work' for free. The 30 mins shift is still free, and the actual 24 hours shift can only be unlocked with the player submitting the email address.

For players who gave their email addresses, the Restaurant City will reward them with a new stove design! - Pocketwatch Stove.

Another innovation is the use of a '1 click' step to operate the restaurant, i.e. no more employee by employee switching of roles and rest. For a start, the plyer will need to assign roles to each of the employee.

Well, if you feel that the Restaurant City now requires more coins, the good news is that the game rewards players with more coins too! The slot machines and the trees (when shaken) give more coins.

I am actually glad that Playfish introduces more changes and new look & feel to the game (other than new dishes), since Restaurant City has become somewhat stale of late. Good work Playfish!
For those who select shifts, there will also be this reward!

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