Monday, March 1, 2010

Genesis & Skaar

Castle Age has recently launched two monsters for group fight - Genesis & Skaar.

One thing interesting about Castle Age is that each part of the game has an accompanying story plot that helps to explain why we are fighting the monsters.

So here I've captured the screenshots for Genesis & Skaar.

For Genesis here's it:

Here's a screenshot of the loot available when you defeated Genesis.

And of course the text you received when completing the fight.

For Skaar the format is slightly different. Instead of using energy to build up defence (blue bar), the players are supposed to use energy to dispel the protective forcefield of Skaar (purple bar). I guess Castle Age just want to introduce some variety into the fights.

Here's the text when Skaar is defeated.

So far so good. Wonder what more monsters will Castle Age introduce next, e.g. in the other maps of Atlantis.

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