Tuesday, September 15, 2009

COMEX 2009 @ Suntec - Part 2

The 6th floor exhibitors had a lot more bargain items. It is already a common sight to see posters with bargain details and large group of consumers queuing in front of the booths to get the discounted items.

Unlike the 4th floor with glass shelves of display items, 6th floor had a lot more racks of smaller items, and even goods simply stacked on cardboard boxes. I heard that those who went on the last day, and especially during the last few hours of COMEX, could bargain for even greater discounts or more freebies. I guess that make sense since the exhibitors would also save on the logistics of transporting the goods back to the warehouse.

Here’s the level 6th floor plan and yupz those wanting to buy smaller items could likely find them here. I bought a headset at a pretty cheap price!

Here’s a picture of the different A4Tech headsets. Nope I didn’t get mine from this rack though.

6th floor often had innovative new products, and this time round I saw this interesting piggy bank. The piggy bank would recognise the value of the coins you put in, and it would sum up the total as well! Actually I think this is not much different from the coins vending machines available on the street, except that this is a brand new and innovative use of the same technology of coin recognition. The item description stated that there is a patent pending actually.

Yupz other nice products include this Irive MP that looked like a mouse head. There is no LED display and the two rounded ears form the control for the MP player.

That is about it for this COMEX 2009. Other great bargains and babes could be found on the many other websites and so I didn’t take any photos or have any descriptions about them. :)

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