Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Google Chrome OS vs Microsoft OS!

There are plenty of discussions in the Internet about this coming big fight between the two IT giants - Google and Microsoft, over the Operating System space. Official news can be found on Google's blog, while there are plenty of other traditional news coverage, e.g. New York Times, and Channel Newsasia. Google's Chrome OS is targeting at netbooks with this new open source, light weight OS.

It is not surprising that Google is coming into this OS space. After Android, they would have had some experience in OS development. Moreover, Google started as an Internet based company more than the traditional desktop / work space based company, and thus its experience in Internet applications should naturally lead it to the main applications - Operating Systems.

What will be more interesting (other than the actual Chrome OS) is how Google plans to market this new OS. Google's Click Thru Rate based online advertising has completely changed the online adverts space. Their algo for their search, with a simple search site, has also changed search engine market, till the extent that the word 'google' has now morphed into a verb associated with the phrase 'online search'. Google's maps applications created mash-ups, not just for our terrestrial maps, but for the sky and the seas as well. Google's innovation for the Web has created deep ripples and shaped the Internet of today.

So how Google markets and 'sells' its OS will become a very important case study for those who plan to sell software linked to the Internet, and that is a huge market. Who will be its major partners? Which PC maker will be the first to adopt the OS shipped with its netbooks? Which government / major corporation will be the first to announce a complete changeover of its operating system to Chrome OS?

Of course, there is also the other angle of looking at this news; is Google turning into the next 'evil empire', whose applications and services reaches into every aspect of your life, and knows every single online activity you have done? Google Chrome running on Google Chrome OS, with Google Apps and such...scary?


GCA2009 said...

I agree that anything Google does is pretty darn interesting to watch just because it's a company that's churned out so many innovations and has become really iconic.

But somehow Google becoming the monster that Microsoft is doesn't seem so likely... Maybe it's because most of the stuff they release actually works (at least that's how it seems). And while Google is admittedly making a lot of money with its advertising, projects like the Google Digital Library show a respect for an intellectual commons which suggests they have some kind of a soul.

But maybe I'm being too optimistic here XD

Bal said...

Yupz Google products do work, and they do have projects that serve the common good.

My discomfort is precisely in how efficiently Google has captured all our data with logs about our behaviour. That puts some unease somehow, in knowing that Google knows everything we do, online at least. :)