Monday, June 1, 2009

MyBrute on iPhone and iPod Touch!

MyBrute is coming on iPhone and iPod touch. This is announced on the game page itself. There will also be new features and skills. Wonder if the MyBrute apps will be free or will it come with a cost on iPhone.

Other than the announcement, there are also YouTube videos of MyBrute. I'm not sure about the authenticity of the video though, but it looks real enough.

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Anonymous said...

Join the Dutch Dojo, AHEIFIFE

Anonymous said...

anyways, a helpful tip: don't let anyone tell you otherwise---joining ANY dojo will give you:
-2x exp for all your brutes for 3 days after joining their dojo
-a special power related to their dojo style (bear, snake, cat)
-you WILL NOT necessarily get any pets or weapons just for choosing one dojo over another

just throwing it out there, but my master code is ### J A E G I J F E ###, but why possibly join mine?
-if you had initially created a Snake or Cat dojo, and want to learn "Bear Strength" from my BEAR dojo
-MORE IMPORTANTLY--if you don't mind affiliated with a dojo by the name, "ANMA"

-also, if you're the superstitious type and choose to believe the hype, my characters are quite the beast masters hehe. on my main brute I've gotten a polar bear, panther, dog, as well as Hypnosis skill (to steal pets) all before level 10!!!

again my master code is ### J A E G I J F E ###
ANMA, bear clan