Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More pictures of Myminicity

Myminicity is addictive! This is true for those people who like to build cities and watch them grow. My Myminicity has grown to a size of 352 population. This pales in comparison with other cities of 6 digits size population, but nonetheless there is some level of satisfaction to watch the city grows. I'm looking forward to the day when there are skyscrapers in my minicity.

Over the course of the game, I've also collected pictures of various 'disasters' that could happen for cities that are not well maintained. Here's a list of the different 'disasters', including the population leaving for more jobs (they will leave even if the unemployment is less than 2%), pollution, crimes / arson, and riots.

In order to avoid these disaster, the owner of the city will need to monitor and build more amenities. Sometimes, with the building of amenities, new buildings will appear, e.g. here is a picture of the police station. These are in addition to the earlier mentioned 'church upgrades' and 'factory development'.

There are many other 'graphics' present in the game, some of which do not have an apparent purpose. For examples, the 'mountains' and lakes. It will be interesting if someone could find an explanation for these 'features'. Ok, I guess I've bored my readers with these descriptions of Myminicity, and I'll try to move on to other virtual worlds / games.

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