Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Population of Online Gamers in Singapore

I am very curious just to find out how many online gamers are there in Singapore, primarily because I'm one of them. After attending the Cabal event at Suntec, and also other previous online games events, I do think there is a sizeable online gamers population here.

So I do a simple search, and got some statistics from the Infocomm Development Authority website, which gave only percentage figures. These are what I got from their survey done in 2006. Still not used to making tables in blog, so the centre figures I'll fill in brackets instead.

Age (Internet Users) % of Users who use Internet for games
10 to 14 yrs (84%) 58%
15 to 29 yrs (81%) 40%
30 to 44 yrs (66%) 24%
45 to 59 yrs (46%) 26%
60 yrs and above (21%) 0%

But these are just percentage terms. So I went to the Department of Stats and drew out the population figures for 2006. The figures for the 5 groups are 134.3k, 362.7k, 462k, 407.7k, and 166.2k respectively. So I multiplied them together and got this:

Age Online Gamers (sort of) (in thousands)
10 to 14 yrs 65.4
15 to 29 yrs 117.5
30 to 44 yrs 73.2
45 to 59 yrs 48.8
60 yrs and above 0

Total of 304.8k online gamers in small population of 4.5 millions! Wow!! Heh heh heh, so I can tell people that online gaming is indeed a culture now, especially with more generous government fundings to create virtual worlds for us the online 'residents'.


Anonymous said...

hey, i was researching on my project and just pass by ur blog. thanks for ur info:D saved me quite some time to look for the info. THANKS!

Cusp said...

You're welcome, and come back often for other news k? :)

Anonymous said...

wow, you are so resourceful. GOODNESS. thanks for your post. i was researching for this topic too. THANKS SO MUCH (:

Cusp said...

U r welcome :)

Anonymous said...

I am also doing a statistic research on gaming for my project! and i came across this blog. so i wan to have the permission to use ur info. thanks!

Cusp said...

Sure, feel free to quote the info :) would be great if you could link / quote the blog as well, thanks!