Thursday, January 3, 2008

Views about Online Games

Computer games, both PC and console versions, have become the mainstream activities of many people, myself included. Years ago, gamers are those who huddled in the computer rooms to play MUD (Multi-User Dungeon). I still remember the times spent using zMUD client to play those free text based games. Of course, as a kid I've my fair share of Nintendo's Zelda and Mario's.

Now as adult I still spend quite a lot of hours playing games, roughly more than 12 hours per week? Online games now are a lot more captivating compared to MUD or some of the console games (for me at least). There are also greater variety of games, from simple ones like Gunbound and MapleStory, to more complex games like Guild Wars and World of Warcraft.
I play browser based games too, like Travian. Here's a screen shot of my Travian village.
Am I a game addict? Lolz. Guess that depends from whose perspective. Online games are captivating because of the interactivity offered. Whether you are a competitive gamer who engages in Player v Player, or the community type who prefer co-operation as a party, there are bound to be multi-player games that suit your taste.

Would blog more about my views of online games in the next few entries. Screenshot of Maplestory:

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